Why Choose Wet Pour Surfaces?

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Wet Pour Surfaces

Wet Pour Surfaces are the ideal solution for any child’s playground or multi use games area (MUGA). Wet pour is a mixture of rubber granules bound together with a polyurethane resin and laid on an existing tarmac, concrete or MOT type 1 stone base to provide a continuous rubber surface free from seams. It is highly impact absorbing and can be laid in any shape or pattern available in a wide range of attractive colours. Popular usages are sporting facilities, verandas, pathways and schools but there really is no limit to its possible applications.

Rubber wet pour surfaces are extremely durable and resilient and have passed rigorous safety testing. They are also non-flammable, low maintenance and have excellent slip resistance. They are also very hygienic and can be easily cleaned by using a simple water mix and are fully drainable.

Case Study: Transforming School Playgrounds with Wet Pour Surfaces

When compared with loose-fill systems such as wood chips, wet pour offers much less maintenance and vigilance. Unlike wood chip surfaces which need regular re-laying and can compact and degrade quickly, wet pour has a seamless, fixed surface that requires very little maintenance to keep it looking great into the future.

In addition to this, our wet pour surfaces are made from recycled materials and have a reduced environmental impact when compared to traditional wood chips. We use Wetpour Surfaces granulate sourced from recycled truck tires, this not only reduces the amount of waste in landfill but also saves on natural resources. In addition, wet pour is a much safer option than wood chips as it is non-toxic and does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment.

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