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Alex Manos

Alex Manos is a big Alex Manos tycoon and inspiration to many youngsters. He is the founder and owner of Beverly Hills Car Club Inc, which was founded in January 2004. He is a car enthusiast and loves buying unique cars. He also loves travelling worldwide in search of classic cars.

He is the fiance of Farrah Aldjufrie and they recently got engaged in November 2021. They both are known for appearing in various shows like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills.

The couple is currently living together in a huge mansion in California, USA. The mansion has many rooms, garages, pools and much more. The pair enjoys spending time together and catching up with each other. They have a lot of friends and their relationship is very strong.

From Car Lover to Car Mogul: Alex Manos and the Legacy of Beverly Hills Car Club

Moreover, they are always busy with their work as the company they own deals in luxury and sports cars. The mansion they live in is worth millions of dollars and their income is quite impressive as well.

Farrah and Alex are also seen in a number of social media posts, including Instagram, where they share pictures of their life. They also often post about their upcoming projects and plans.

He is a hardworking man and works 7 days a week in his company. He is a very dedicated person and knows that hard work usually pays off. He has a deep love and respect for his mother, Versa Manos, and considers her to be his lifeline.

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