What You Should Know About MRI Knee

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An RMN Genunchi of the knee takes detailed pictures of your knee joint, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Unlike an X-ray, the images are clearer and more detailed. It allows your doctor to examine the structures of your knee, which may help diagnose the cause of your pain.

Before your MRI you will be asked to remove any items that contain metal, including jewelry, watches, zippers, hair pins and piercings. A technician will then position you on the table and slide you into the scanner feet first. If you are claustrophobic (fearful of closed spaces) you can ask to be sedated for this exam.

Knee Health Unveiled: The Diagnostic Power of MRI Knee Imaging

You will hear humming, knocking and thudding noises throughout the procedure. It is important to keep still and listen to the instructions from the technician, who will be in a separate room monitoring the scan. You will be given ear plugs to wear, and music may also be provided to help you relax. There is an intercom in the MRI machine and you can call for assistance at any time.

Sometimes your doctor will request that you receive an injection of a contrast dye prior to the scan. This will highlight the area of interest in the resulting images and can be very helpful to your doctor in diagnosing your condition. The contrast dye is a safe and very effective agent that has no known side effects. The most common type of contrast used is gadolinium. If you have kidney problems or if you are pregnant, your doctor will discuss the risks of this agent with you.

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