What is an Audi DSG Upgrade?

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Audi and VW fans alike have long been clamoring for an Audi DSG upgrade, but what exactly does it entail? The DSG transmission is a type of direct shift gearbox, and is a popular option for performance tuning. The DSG’s ability to provide nearly uninterrupted power delivery out of the box opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and it can be performed at home by a qualified mechanic.

How To Quit What Is An Audi Dsg Upgrade?

audi dsg upgrade

There are a variety of reasons to consider upgrading your vehicle’s DSG. While it’s possible to upgrade the system from the factory, a DSG upgrade can bring the most performance and power gains. In addition to providing a noticeable boost in power and acceleration, a DSG upgrade can also improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Some people choose to upgrade to a higher-performance DSG, but they should be careful about what kind of changes they make.

In order to make your Audi DSG upgrade more effective, it’s important to understand what the system does. Currently, the DSG will downshift to the lowest gear ratio during full throttle when using manual mode. However, if you’re not pressing the button, the downshift will occur automatically. Depending on which version of the DSG you’re getting, you can choose from three options. The first option is a simple DSG kit.

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