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Teacher vacancy role play a critical role in the education of children and young people. In their day-to-day work they impart knowledge and skills, and help students develop both the academic and social abilities that will lead to a fulfilling life. Many teachers find that the job is incredibly rewarding and stimulating, and it gives them great satisfaction to know that they are shaping the lives of the next generation.

What is the role of the teacher?

The career of a teacher is a well-paid one, and most schools will advertise their vacancies. Some specialist recruitment agencies will also deal with vacancies. Local authorities (LAs) may operate a ‘pool’ system, in which case applications from early career teachers are dealt with centrally rather than each school advertising its own positions.

Primary school teaching posts are widely available. There are also some specialist areas of teaching, such as nursery or special educational needs (SEN). SEN teachers teach pupils with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. This is a challenging and rewarding job, as you adapt educational materials to suit the needs of each pupil.

Some teachers seek employment abroad. There are many opportunities to do this, either through teaching exchange programmes or voluntary work with organisations such as Voluntary Service Overseas. It is important to be aware of the requirements for a visa when considering this option. Many countries require teachers to hold a recognised qualification from their home country in order to teach there. In some cases this will be possible, but in others it is not.

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