The Importance of an Exhaust Gas Analyzer

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exhaust gas analyzer

An exhaust gas analyzer is a device that is used to detect leaks and other support issues in your vehicle’s motor administration framework. If you neglect to spot these sorts of issues, they can have genuine repercussions on your engine’s effectiveness and usefulness later on. This is precisely why it’s vital to have an automotive exhaust gas analyzer close by so that you can recognize these issues before they turn out to be excessively significant.

The majority of these devices utilize an infrared sensor to check the HC (carbon monoxide) and CO2 levels of the exhaust. When the gas is pulled into the probe, it absorbs the infrared energy at a specific wavelength band that relates to a molecular resonance mode spectrum of the gas. The analyzer then calculates the concentration of that gas from the amount of energy absorbed by the instrument.

Exploring the Functions and Applications of an Exhaust Gas Analyzer

Some devices use a chemical sensor to measure the oxygen and nitrogen content of the exhaust. These units are used to find real-time combustion efficiency problems and help ensure compliance with the latest emissions standards. Other uses include checking for fuel odors in the air, carbon monoxide leaks, evaporative emission system leaks and more. These units are often portable and can be carried between vehicles for testing purposes or to quickly troubleshoot an issue that may arise in the field. They’re typically 12-volt powered and come with a cigarette lighter plug, cable and internal battery pack. Some have a USB or serial port and can be connected to a PC for printing functions and other special software.

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