The Advantages of Temporary Stage Platforms

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temporary stage platforms

When you are looking at a performance space that is going to be used for more than one type of event, it’s best to think about getting some temporary stage platforms. This can be a more cost-effective option than building a permanent stage into the space, which will only serve to limit your venue’s use for that specific area.

A temporary stage will also allow you to change the surface to meet the different requirements of each event. For example, you can have a sprung floor for the dancers and a black painted surface for your drama group, which is a great advantage over having a permanent system that will only serve one purpose. URL

Temporary staging will also save you time in setting up your venue for each event, especially if you have to move the staging from a storage location to the main space. This means less disruption to your customers and performers as well as saving you valuable staff time.

Temporary Staging vs. Permanent: Which is Right for Your Event

Quik Stage portable stages are made from an all-aluminum extruded frame that is machined to exact specifications on computerised CNC machines and bolted together using no pins, making them easy to connect and even easier to repair if damage occurs. The stage decks are then covered in hardwearing anti-slip ply that is fine with occasional rainfall, and the aluminium riser leg units are tough enough to be used on most floor surfaces. All stages are available in a variety of heights and come with either single or dual stage step units for safe and convenient access to the stage.

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