Taking a Violin Class For Adults

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Learning a musical instrument as an adult can be daunting. Taking lessons can feel like going back to primary school or kindy, and it can be hard to commit to regular practice at home. But, with the right support and consistent effort you can achieve your goals and become a skilled violinist!

Is 30 too old to learn violin?

When choosing a music teacher, it’s important to find one that understands the challenges that adult students face. While children are often blank slates soaking up knowledge, adults bring with them a wealth of life experiences, preconceived notions and insecurities. A great teacher will be able to address these challenges, ensuring that the student’s experience is positive and rewarding.

For example, a music teacher may offer private violin classes for adults to ensure that they have enough time to learn the instrument and develop a good habit of practicing. This can be especially helpful for adults who have busy schedules and may find it challenging to fit in the recommended 30-60 minutes of daily practice.

Another way to make it easier for adults to play violin is by fostering a community of like-minded people. This can be done by playing for friends (even a jam session!) or attending local events and concerts that are geared towards adult learners. At JVA, we also encourage our adult students to participate in our student recitals, which provide an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and celebrate their progress alongside other adult learners.


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