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Lychee vape juice delivers a sweet and exotic flavor that captures the delicate essence of this exotic fruit. It is often blended with a range of fruits for a layered experience, or enhanced with menthol for a cool and refreshing finish.

A wide selection of lychee-flavored vape juices are available from leading brands such as Frost Factory, Mamasan, Skwezed and Yami Vapor. These premium liquids are made with high quality ingredients that are compliant with EU regulations, and they are available in 0mg (nicotine-free), 3mg (low nicotine) and 6mg (moderate nicotine).

Exotic Delights: Lychee Vape Juice Unveiled

This e-liquid by Twelve Monkeys Oasis offers a harmonious blend of juicy peaches, bursting berries and exotic lychee for a rejuvenating vaping experience. The ripe peaches and berries provide a juicy fruity base, while the lychee adds a subtle note to the overall flavour profile.

The odour activity values of fresh lychee (FLJ) and heat-sterilized lychee juice (HLJ) were determined by aroma extract dilution analysis. Odour activity data showed that FLJ had desirable odor attributes, while the HLJ elicited off-flavors such as cooked cabbage/potato and onion/garlic. Molecular sensory science clarified that five sulfides and 3-methylbutanal were the main cooked off-flavor odorants of HLJ.

This e-liquid by Doozy Vape offers a tropical paradise in this flavour pairing. The luscious combination of lychee, apple, mango and mandarin is refreshing and zesty, and the hints of apricot and passion fruit are intriguing. The ice-cold menthol is a delightful addition, and this 50ml Shortfill vape juice is ideal for all day vaping.

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