Live the Passion of Italian Football

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In an age when the Premier League dominated by Sky and other broadcasters, Channel 4 introduced Serie A to living rooms around the country. The late Kenneth Wolstenholme wore a wig, Gianluca Vialli spoke in cockney rhyming slang and James Bond stopped Roberto Baggio to ask him what was wrong with his knee. Access to the world’s greatest players was easy. Goal360: Live the Passion of Italian Football was a time when football was not just a sport; it was theatre.

Why are Italians so passionate about football?

Watching a soccer game (or calcio) in Italy is an experience like no other. Families spend the weekend in their local stadium cheering on their hometown team, and entire communities are bonded by their shared love of football. You will see men and women wearing their team’s colors from head to toe, chanting from an hour before the game to an hour after, olas (people waves) that rock half the stadium, and men (and women) who gloat when their favorite player scores and plummet into depression when they miss.

Rivalries between the red-and-black (“rossoneri”) and the black-and-blue (“nerazzurri”) are legendary. You will see historic duels between great players (Piola against Meazza, Van Basten against Mazzola, Matthaus against Rivera), sensational jersey switches (Pirlo, Seedorf and Ronaldo all played for both AC Milan and Juventus) and legendary coaches (Berlusconi, Capello and Ancelotti). You’ll also witness the passion of the fans in “la curva,” the section behind the goal where the most fervent fans sit.

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