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Large Heavy Duty Casters

When you’re looking to move heavy objects, you want a large heavy duty casters that can handle the load. These casters are typically designed to hold loads between 2,000 and 44,000 pounds.

They are commonly used in material handling applications, such as forklifts and mobile workbenches. They can also be found in industrial settings where machines need to be moved around frequently or have high levels of vibration.

These casters are also often used in medical equipment applications, including carts and hospital beds. They can help to protect workers from injury and make moving heavy objects easier and faster.

How to Choose the Right Large Heavy Duty Casters for Your Needs

These heavy duty casters have extra-large raceways for smooth swiveling action, strength and long service life. They also feature a hardened main load raceway with 1/2″ steel ball bearings to roll freely under the maximum rated loads.

They are able to accommodate 2″ and 2 1/2″ tread width wheels, making them ideal for swivel carts, dollies, and other utility platform trucks. These casters have a 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″ top plate and a sturdy mounting base to support the weight of the item that they’re mounted to.

These casters are made to last for years, but they can fail when a kingpin on the mounting plate is damaged or missing. Be sure to choose a kingpin that’s forged and has a kingpin nut. This will ensure that the caster can’t be stripped off by a tool.

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