How to Repair a Broken Screen on a Laptop

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You should read this if you have a broken screen on a laptop, you must first remove the bezel. This is the top portion of the screen that covers the screws that hold the laptop together. When the bezel is removed, you can usually see where the video cable is located. In most cases, a compatible LCD replacement is easy to find. Make sure that you have a flat surface to work on. If you can’t find the video cable, you can remove the bezel.

How To Repair A Broken Screen On A Laptop Shortcuts – The Easy Way

Next, you need to remove the screen. If you have an LED backlight, you can use the same cable that powers the LCD. If you have a fluorescent backlight, you can remove both cables. You can also check the model number on the backlight of the LCD. Once you’ve identified the broken LCD, you can remove the mounting brackets and replace it. The LCD may have multiple connections. If the screen is broken along one of these wires, it’s best to contact a professional.

The next step to repair a broken screen on a laptop is to remove the bezel. To do this, you need to pull out the back side of the screen. The video cable is often adhered to the back of the screen with a light adhesive. Once you’ve removed the bezel, you need to remove the screws holding the LCD panel. Be sure to remove all the screws. If the screws have a tangled mess, use a screwdriver to unscrew them.

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