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free HLR lookup

Free free HLR lookup  is a real-time validation service that uses direct relationships with mobile network operators to verify the active line status of a mobile phone number. The process checks the MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Identity Number), MCCMNC (Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code) and IMSI information as well as portability info and whether or not the phone is roaming. The result is a higher hit rate than most static services that only check syntax, area codes, number length and dialing codes.

HLR validation can be used to clean databases of old numbers, improve statistics (reducing SMS costs for example) and also ensure GDPR compliance by only messaging live mobile numbers. For example, retail companies that send out promotional messages to their opted-in customer database can use an HLR lookup service to check a mobile number is active and switched on, which network it is assigned to and if the user has changed networks. This can help to raise conversion rates and boost team morale as it reduces the amount of time spent sending messages that are never read.

Unveiling the Power of HLR Lookup: Enhancing Mobile Number Verification

Other businesses such as data providers who sell customer information can use an HLR lookup to confirm that a mobile number is valid and has not been ported from one provider to another, which could breach GDPR regulations. The price of an HLR lookup varies from provider to provider but it tends to reduce the more numbers are checked and can be integrated into websites or databases using API (Application Programming Interface) services such as CaptainVerify. A free trial is available and prices start from around 4p per check with discounts for bulk purchases.

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