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durable resin floor coatings

Durable resin floor coatings are a popular choice for industrial and commercial spaces. These floors are made from a mixture of synthetic resin materials that form an extremely hard-wearing and aesthetically pleasing surface for your space. They are typically used in areas that require high foot and vehicle traffic, but can be applied to residential spaces too. There are several different types of resin flooring, each with a unique set of qualities.

One of the most common types of industrial resin floor is PMMA, or polymethyl methacrylate, which is a thermoplastic material that’s also used to create products like Plexiglas and Lucite. This type of resin is favoured due to its fast application and curing time, which allows for a rapid install in even very cold temperatures, meaning that your space can be operational as soon as possible with minimal downtime.

Built to Last: The Strengths of Durable Resin Floor Coatings

Another commonly used type of resin is epoxy, which is a thermoset material that guarantees a floor with excellent durability and strength. This makes it ideal for heavy use environments where the floor needs to withstand the weight of vehicles and machinery such as forklifts and cars. It can be customised with anti-slip additives to ensure your floor is safe when wet, and colours can be added to the mix to create a design that matches your space.

Resin floors are incredibly resistant to chemicals, which is a key factor in their popularity with industrial environments. They can be washed, disinfected and steam-cleaned to maintain sanitation without losing their robust properties. They can also withstand high levels of pressure and temperature, which is why they are so popular in industrial workspaces.

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