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Whether you need to insulate a new home or retrofit insulation in an existing one, spray foam insulation is the ideal solution. It can improve the energy efficiency of any building and cut energy bills year-round by sealing air leaks and preventing convective heat transfer. It also adds structural integrity and helps suppress noises. It does require professional application though, so hiring a qualified installer is essential. This Link: desertsprayfoaming.com

How Spray Foam Insulation Can Save You Money in the Desert

Spray foam is sprayed in a liquid form by a certified installer, and it hardens into a dense layer of insulation. It is available in two varieties — open and closed — to best meet your project requirements. TruTeam insulation contractors in Desert View can help you determine which is right for your specific needs.

Open cell spray foam uses water or carbon dioxide as a blowing agent, and it expands significantly, making it ideal for filling gaps and cracks that can allow air infiltration. This type of spray foam is more affordable than closed-cell insulation, but it is less effective at insulating walls and ceilings. It does, however, provide an effective air barrier and a good moisture and vapor barrier.

Closed-cell spray foam is more expensive than open-cell insulation, but it offers superior performance in terms of thermal resistance. It provides an air seal that prevents convective heat transfer and can lower energy expenses by up to 50% immediately. It is also a good choice for exterior applications, such as roofing.

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