Cookies Cart Battery Pack (25 Batteries)

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Boost your vaping experience with the Cookie’s C-CELL vape cookies cart battery This 650mAh powerhouse is designed to work with all your favorite 510 thread cartridges and ego-style tanks. Its a slick looking piece of kit that’s as sleek as it is efficient. Best of all, it’s a surprisingly good value for your hard earned cash.

Demystifying the Cookies Cart Battery: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Cookies XL 650mAh C-CELL Vape Cart Battery Pack (25 Batteries)

One of the best things about this gizmo is that it’s completely wireless. This is a definite plus for anyone who wants to avoid the mess that comes with traditional cords and plugs. Its small size means you can take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

Get yours today! The cookies XL 650mAh C-CELL vape cart battery is a must have for any e-cig enthusiast.

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