Choosing a Foundation Repair Company

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When the foundation of a home begins to sink or sink into the ground, this is an issue that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. The longer that this problem goes untreated, the more damage can occur to the interior and exterior of the home. The good news is that many companies offer Foundation repair services. Choosing the right company to perform these repairs depends on several factors, including the type of permanent repair methods that are used and how much time is allowed for the work to be completed.

How do you calculate foundation repair?

Typical signs that a foundation may be in need of repair include cracks in the walls, uneven floors and doors and windows that no longer open or close properly. The best way to prevent major problems from arising is with regular maintenance that includes removing moisture and humidity from basements and crawl spaces, directing gutters and downspouts away from the foundation and removing tree roots from the soil around the foundation.

If you are looking for a permanent solution, steel piers and concrete piles may be the perfect options for your property. These piers are made of galvanized steel and can be driven or placed under the foundation to lift it back up to its original position. Then, a concrete slab is poured over the entire area and attached to the foundation with fasteners.

For smaller areas that require less permanent repair, epoxy injection is a great option. This method requires cleaning the crack and surrounding area, then a layer of epoxy is injected into the area. This will help seal the crack and keep it from spreading.

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