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block disposable emails

Block disposable emails is a crucial step to improving your email list quality. These disposable email addresses are a real pain in the rear for email marketers as they result in high bounce rates, low engagement and open rates, and can also skew your delivery rate metrics. Fortunately, there are some great services available that will help you identify and filter out these disposable addresses from your email lists before sending them out.

A disposable block disposable emails  is a temporary email address that can be used to sign up to websites, take part in competitions, make one-off purchases and so on. They are particularly useful for people who want to avoid spam or don’t want their primary inbox to get flooded with advertising emails from sites they don’t trust.

Keeping Out Disposable Emails: Strategies to Block and Prevent Their Use

There are a number of different burner email services that will provide you with an instant, temporary email that can be used for a limited time and then discarded. Some of them are free to use but others require payment. Disposable email services can be a real nuisance for email marketers as they contaminate their user database and are often used in online fraud.

MailerCheck, our Email Verification API and email marketing plugin for WordPress, will verify every email address that you send to and detect if it is a disposable email or other type of invalid email address. Once detected, the disposable email address will be added to a blacklist so it is never sent to again, and the subscriber will receive a custom error message that will let them know you won’t be able to reach them.

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